Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What gives?

So this blog has been dying a slow, painful death as of late. Gone are my side-splitting jokes, witty insights on life and self-indulgent humour. "What gives?" you ask. "I DEMAND SIDE-SPLITTING JOKES, WITTY INSIGHTS ON LIFE AND SELF-INDULGENT HUMOUR," you yell (very loudly, I might add). Well, I am afraid that those will be in short supply for a long time to come, as far as I can tell. Life has only gotten busier and busier since SPM ended, and by the looks of things, it isn't letting up very soon. I realized last night as I was lying in bed that I no longer have the luxury of sitting around to think anymore. Granted, I didn't have it back in Form 5 either, it just didn't bother me as much. And along with my contemplation time has gone my inspiration to blog, and patience to sit down and write and rewrite blog posts until they are just right (hence the sloppiness of this post) (also it's 12:19AM and I don't feel very much like a perfectionist at this hour).

That said, here's what has been keeping me from blogging as of late:
- College
- Church
- Band stuff; 2(?) gigs this month, a new member and a new instrument for me
- College
- Driving
- College

And now that I have your attention, I will take another chance to flaunt this thing:

Have a good week.